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Blankenship Associates, Inc. is a multi-generational family business, founded in 1990 by Alan Blankenship. Alan was successful in growing the business during his tenure and developed many business relationships in the laboratory and educational market. Upon Alan’s retirement in the year 2000, he was succeeded by two of his daughters, both of whom are still active in the day-to-day operations.

Daughters Traci and Caroline have expanded the product offerings to meet the demands of their customer base and the changing markets. The company has also expanded the operating territory into South Carolina with select products.

Blankenship Associates, Inc. currently operates in North Carolina and South Carolina markets as a distributor/specialty trade contractor providing services and products to end-users, architects, and the construction industry. The team at Blankenship Associates provides turnkey performance with strengths and experience in administration, sales, project management, and installation.

Our staff strives to operate with excellence and integrity while we build relationships, one project at a time.

Caroline B. McCormac, President
Traci B. Smith, CEO
Alan Blankenship, Founder

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